Mislab [2013]
What about a slab that features sanserif glyphs? Sounds strange and unusual, but it’s what makes distinctive the last Xavier Dupré typeface, appealing and more legible than many traditional slab serifs. The name “Mislab” explains the design of the Xavier new typeface by itself. In french, Mi means partly, half way. So, Mi- Slab means a Slab serif with some Mi -ssing serifs. Mislab design started back in 2010, inspired by an old US movie poster, This Woman Is Mine, dating back 1941. The movie title’s design can be described as a black italic slab serif, but it’s really the only point of comparison with Mislab. Clearly, it’s just an inspiration, not a source more directly used as in case of type revivals.

Award of Excellence by Communication Arts 2014
Award of Excellence by Tokyo’s Type Director’s Club 2014
Award of Excellence by N.Y.’s Type Director’s Club 2014 (tdc2)
Top 25 2014 by FontShop

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