Vista sans  -  Vista slab

Vista Sans [2005-2008] was initially sketched in 2002 in Sumatra and designed in 2004. The designer’s intention was to create a typeface family for text and display that would combine the humanist appeal of calligraphic forms with the pragmatic simplicity of the sans. There are many subtle details in Vista Sans that become interesting at large sizes; for example, the elegant, slightly bulging edge on some of the stroke endings. Alternate forms were added to many characters to provide subtle variety for titling usage.

Vista Slab [2007] add more possibilities to the family mixing weights & styles with Sans & Slab. It also enhance the legibility in small size. In addition of Slab cuts, the family have been extended in 2008 with Vista Sans Narrow to a total of 36 fonts.

Certificate of Excellence by New York Type Director’s Club 2006 [jury’s choice]
One of Typographica’s Favorites 2005 (sans)
One of Typographica’s Favorites 2008 (slab)

Released by Emigre

Available at Myfonts