CKS Chrieng / Chrieng Classic

CKS Chrieng (2004), designed thanks to Dr. Michel Antelme, khmerologist at INALCO (Paris), stems from a classical script model, comparable to Garamond’s typefaces for the latin writing.

‘Chrieng’ is the name of this kind of script in comparison with another style more contrasted and visual widely used nowadays for shop signs; the Mul. CKS Chrieng is used to set scientific books or research publications like Siksacakr.
The Center for Khmer Studies’ mission is to promote research, teaching and public service in the social sciences, arts and humanities as they relate to Cambodia. While promoting scholarly interest in the region, CKS also aim to connect Cambodian scholars, students and artists with their international colleagues for the purpose of fostering understanding of Cambodia & S-E Asia. The family has been redesigned in 2020 and expanded with further glyphs such as ligatures to be used in text of Kampu Mera Books.